Urban Guerilla- (def. verb, n, adj.) eat, dress, prepare, hunt, conquer, undress, mate, rest, repeat…

Founded by 2 brothers and a brother

Founded by 3 men with a unique sense of style, self, artistic expression and business acumen. All sharing a deep love, honor and respect for Organic, Natural and Evolving Beauty and Strength. And it is this paradigm that gave birth to the brand Urban Guerilla.

Our pieces are not something you simply wear, but an extension of you the Man: your love, your life, your style and your unique sense of living, working, traveling, and loving in the modern jungle.

A Guerilla’d take on classic and iconic men’s fashion.

Urban Guerilla bags are constructed with 100% vegetable tanned or naked leather. Belt straps/ handles are constructed from Italian calf skin leather. 

Urban Guerilla bags are designed to age and wear, becoming more beautiful and unique with time: just like the man carrying it.

Urban Guerilla is more than brand: it is a lifestyle. A commitment to raw beauty, individuality and style evolution.

Durable. Functional. Beautiful. 

Urban Guerilla bags are evolved classics for every aspect of a man's life: a modern blend of durability, functionality and beauty. 

 Zipper teeth are 25% real gold metal. 

Zipper pull modeled after an ancient Roman Romulus & Remus Silver Coin, 69-79 AD with Romulus and Remus being nursed by the she-wolf on the reverse. 

Evolvi o Mouri

Evolve or Die